COVID-19 vaccine fraud

Criminals are using the COVID-19 vaccine as a way to target the public by tricking them to hand over cash or financial details. They are sending convincing-looking text messages letting people know they are eligible for the vaccine or phoning people directly pretending to be from the NHS, or local pharmacy. People are warned to… Continue reading COVID-19 vaccine fraud

Coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine and vaccination (NHS)

Coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine [NHS] The coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine is safe and effective. It gives you the best protection against coronavirus. Coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine [Page last reviewed: 21 January 2021, Next review due: 4 February 2021] How you will be contacted for your coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccination [NHS] The NHS will contact you when it’s your turn… Continue reading Coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine and vaccination (NHS)