Warning to Stables of Suspicious person

A local resident recently received this just from NCRA (North Cray Residents Association) on Tuesday 11th May 1.00pm.

A short while ago I was contacted by phone by the lady who keeps her horses in the field at the top of Parsonage Lane on the corner of Cocksure Lane. She had just been contacted by the young girl who loans one of her horses and who was tending to them at the time. Apparently a youngish black man stood at the far gate and was staring at her. He asked about the horses, took some photos (she thinks) and made personal remarks to her asking her questions including asking for her contact and social media details. He asked to be let into the field and she told him ‘no’. She was scared and hid in the tack room, ringing the horses’ owner as well as Silverdene.

The owner rang NCRA and asked if this could be reported to the local community, and especially the residents of Parsonage Lane, to ensure that we are all vigilant because of this suspicious/inappropriate behaviour. This man, probably in his twenties, was wearing a red top, shorts and whitish flip-flops. He stayed for about ten minutes and then walked off down Parsonage Lane in the direction of the North Cray Road, She could not see any evidence of his having a car.
This has since been circulated via the Parsonage Lane WhatsApp group & NCRA.

This post raises awareness to be on the lookout for the individual. If you have any information or witnessed this description of the suspicious person or have any CCTV footage about that time please contact 101 or the NCRA to report him or contact Bexley Watch. You may contact Crimestoppers anonmously or on 0800 555 111.

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