BBNWA expands with efforts to fight Cyber Crime



Please see attached newspaper article that was in this Sunday’s Express which is from National Neighbourhood Watch and highlights is headlined “Neighbourhood Watch goes cyber” and highlights that younger people are joining Neighbourhood Watch as they see Cyber Crime as even more serious than Burglary. 
Bexley Neighbourhood Watch can confirm that this is the trend in our Borough and that we are working to improve our systems and to be able to offer information on Cyber Crime through our many social media outlets.
We continue to work in communities not forgetting that not all are online or have access to such areas and while we support all of our residents of all ages this growing crime needs combating in Bexley.
We suggest that younger residents could be really helpful in both awareness and fighting these on-line criminals.
Via our Website, Blog, Weekly Report, Facebook etc., we will continue to highlight such crime, which was also highlighted recently on an ITV programme (on the 6th May) titled “Cheats, Fiddles & Scams-Protecting your money” 
If not already a member why not join us now and help us stop our residents being exploited by such criminals.

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