Tackling pickpocketing using video evidence

Video evidence from a police body camera helps convict a violent offender, and a wine bar uses facial recognition cameras to tackle their pickpocketing problem

If you think criminals are getting away with it, think again! 

This ten-part series takes a very different look at crime, showing how the police and the public are using smart technology and specialist tactics to prevent crime and bring offenders to justice. 

Frontline Fightback, narrated by Rav Wilding, features an array of equipment, including cameras that can spot crimes almost before they happen, software that can quickly identify repeat offenders, sophisticated satellite tracking and high-tech drones fitted with heat-seeking technology. 

While police forces across the UK embrace these changes, the series also looks at how tech companies and universities are developing still more crime-fighting technologies that, it is hoped, will transform policing in the 21st Century. 

The series features victims of crime and shows how a combination of smart technology, specialist tactics and great police work are starting to make a real difference. 

Video evidence from a police body camera helps convict a violent offender who attacked a policewoman. The footage shows how the officer was trying to help him when he turned on her and violently assaulted her. Facial recognition cameras help put pickpockets out of business at a London wine bar, and passers-by capture key evidence by filming a ram raid at a jewellery store. Several of them film the daylight robbery on their smart phones, and some even manage to wrestle one of the offenders to the ground and hold him there till the police arrive.

Source: BBC iPlayer – Frontline Fightback Series 1: Episode 2

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