Trading Standards warns against spray foam loft insulation scam


Bexley’s Trading Standards team is urging local residents not to be duped into having unnecessary spray foam loft insulation carried out following reports of a scam which abuses the government’s Green Homes Grant Scheme.

Reports from elsewhere in the UK show that some vulnerable, elderly residents have signed up for contracts worth over £8, 000 for spray foam loft insulation, which is applied to the underside of the roof. Worryingly, known cases have been linked to a company which has a Trustmark accreditation, qualifying it to take part in the scheme – this is now being looked into.

The government’s Green Homes Grant offers eligible homeowners up to £10,000 of energy saving improvements. However, spray foam loft insultation is not necessary in domestic homes, unless the loft has actually been converted into a living space. In fact, spray foam loft insulation can indirectly cause timber rot in the rafters and reduce the value of the property as some lenders will not offer mortgages on homes with such insulation installed.

The recommended insulation is standard ceiling level mineral wool insulation laid out to a depth of 300mm. Many homes may just need a top up, which is often free from energy suppliers.

Bexley’s Trading Standards urges residents not to engage with cold-callers at all– especially at a time when cold-calling is in breach of Covid-19 lockdown guidance and puts people at risk.

If you have been approached for this type of insulation, or know of anybody who has, please contact Trading Standards immediately via the Citizens Advice helpline on 0808 2231133.

Information on the Green Homes Grant can be found on the government’s website.


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