Neighbourhood Watch members feel a closer belonging to their neighbourhood than non-members

THE GRASSROOTS VOLUNTEER-LED CHARITY HAS SEEN A GROWTH IN POPULARITY SINCE THE START OF THE PANDEMIC DESPITE CRIME FIGURES DECREASING The charity has over 86,000 new supporters registering to receive information from them since the start of the pandemic (March 2020) despite the police recording 5.8 million crimes in England and Wales in the 12-month… Continue reading Neighbourhood Watch members feel a closer belonging to their neighbourhood than non-members

Bitcoin-Related Scam Emails

We’re warning the public to be vigilant of unsolicited emails promoting cryptocurrency (Bitcoin) investment opportunities. We’ve received over 750 reports this week about Bitcoin-related phishing emails that use fake celebrity endorsements to try and lure victims into investment scams. The links in the emails lead to fraudulent websites that are designed to steal your money, as… Continue reading Bitcoin-Related Scam Emails

Bexley Houndwatch – new initiative

Bexley Borough Neighbourhood Watch Association are pleased to announce a new initiative – HOUNDWATCH. We have formed a new partnership with The Missing Paw Team UK.This is designed to help prevent dog thefts, collate and raise awareness of antisocial behaviour, and improve the overall safety of dog walkers. We ask that you as a dog… Continue reading Bexley Houndwatch – new initiative

What are Vaccines?

Vaccines reduce the spread of infectious diseases and even get rid of some altogether. Vaccination is the most important thing you can do to protect your community against serious illnesses  When enough people get vaccinated, it’s harder for a disease to spread to those who can’t have vaccines. Vaccines are designed to prevent people from… Continue reading What are Vaccines?

Scam alert: fake NHS COVID-19 vaccine text

A dangerous fake NHS text has been circulating, telling people they’re eligible to apply for the COVID-19 vaccine. Here’s what it looks like. A member got in touch with us today when they received a text message purporting to be from the NHS. It confusingly stated that “we have identified that your are eligible to… Continue reading Scam alert: fake NHS COVID-19 vaccine text