In recent times the number of reports of dog thefts has increased across the UK, with 2,000 dogs stolen last year.

Thieves are known to often leave white chalk marks outside homes, to show which properties have dog’s worth stealing.

The strange white lines of chalk have been appearing on brickwork, gates, and wooden fences outside houses – leaving people fearing they are being targeted.

Back in July 2020, urgent advice was issued as police noted a spike in dog thefts.

Police urged dog owners to stay alert after a rise in thefts in the UK’s rural communities and around London. Officers advise to keep dogs microchipped, avoid putting photos of missing dogs on social media, keep an eye on the length of their coat so they’re easily identifiable, and to make sure gardens are secured.

Police say most of the dogs which are stolen are used for breeding or for re-sale value, and owners should vary times they take their pet pooches for walks.

All dogs should be microchipped, it helps us when trying to identify a dog’s rightful owner, should they get lost or stolen. If you find a dog, please take it to a local vet or dog Warden and do not put it on social media. They will help make sure they are look after until their rightful owner can be found.

Dogs are known to have been taken from gardens, kennels even when on walks. We would advise to always be on your guard and even if you think you have a secure garden, do not allow your dog to be alone for a long time without checking on them.

You can report a stolen dog to your local ward police teams, contact details as included in this report. 

Why not join our HOUNDWATCH scheme(pdf) it has been running for a few years has over 500 members & reports on dog theft are sent to members so they can help look for the missing pooch. We also ask that while HOUNDWATCH members are walking their dogs in Bexley that they report back to us anything they see that is suspicious, this can be drug dealing/taking, persons hanging around possibly to commit a crime, vandalism and even dumped rubbish. Reporting this can be done later when you are home or in a place safe to send the email to us, it needs to include place/time/date and what was spotted including description of person(s) etc. We will pass this onto either Bexley Police or Bexley Council as relevant.

Why not sign up now? please pass this to residents in your covered area that you know own a dog(s), they will need to email us with their details to enrol and they will receive a confirmation reply from us to say they are signed up. Email us to: bexleynw@outlook.com

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