Catalytic Converter Theft arrests and crime prevention advice

Three males have been arrested in an operation cracking down on the thefts of catalytic converters in Bexley. 

The arrests took place in Watery Lane in Sidcup, and saw officers from MPS Longlands, MPS St Marys, MPS Blackfen, MPS Blendon and Kent Police Sevenoaks take part.

On November 15, police reported that a catalytic converter had been stolen from a VW Golf at Queen Mary Hospital.

Another case was reported in a Morrisons car park on November 2 in Sidcup.

Welling Police has also warned that “we as a borough are currently seeing a rise in Catalytic Converter theft,” and shared some advice on how to prevent it.

Visit The Crime Prevention website for some useful advice. The Met Police Crime prevention on this topic has useful tips. Also, the Secured by Design website has some guidance on keeping your vehicle safe. A CAT Marking Kit is also available and has been reported here previously.

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