Stop Wildlife Crime

Wildlife crime is often thought to occur in exotic places with people killing and trading in endangered species. 

However, it does happen in the UK and includes offences such as killing or disturbing protected species, damaging breeding and resting places and poaching. The problem is not limited to rural areas either.

When you see a crime…

• Don’t disturb the scene.
• Don’t touch or remove dead animals or birds – you could be committing an offence.
• Record as many details as you can – date, time, location, details of anyone involved.
• If possible, take photos or record video.
• Note any vehicle registration numbers.
• Don’t put yourself at risk and don’t approach anyone.

Read the Crimestoppers WildLife Alert leaflet for further information. 

Contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 or online at

It’s 100% anonymous. Always.

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