“Instant bank fraud” warning spread on WhatsApp is a hoax

Please be aware there is a viral message doing its rounds that is a false scam and a hoax as follows:-

Straight from the City of London Police fraud team – Extremely sophisticated scam going about this morning. Definitely Danske bank customers but possibly all banks. You get a message saying a payment hasn’t been taken eg O2,Vodafone or EE [UK mobile providers] and to click here. As soon as you touch it the money is gone. They already have all your details and it’s the most advance scam the bank has ever seen. Pass this on to everyone. Please. This is from work this morning – they are being inundated with calls – thousands flying out of peoples accounts! Spread the word!”

Notice the mispelling in the image in the content and false claims here and the same false scam in snopes.

Always verify such scams by contacting Action Fraud. More advice and information on our useful links page.

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