Burglary & Car Crime on the Increase as we approach Christmas

There must be a lot of frustrated criminals out there that are finding the Covid lockdown has caused them lean times, with Christmas approaching they will be looking for any opportunities to take items from you, here are a few tips of what not to do, to keep your items safe. 

  1. Christmas presents left visible perhaps under the Christmas Tree in your front room window.
  2. Chrismas shopping left visible in your vehicles even in your driveways.
  3. Empty packages of items purchased left out and not broken down so passing criminals are aware of what you have just purchased.
  4. Make sure you lock your cars even on your drive, if you have auto-locking fobs do not leave them close to the front of your properties as they can be cloned. (this has happened to quite a few of Bexleys residents).

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