Celebrate Halloween safely and help stop the spread of the coronavirus

Halloween is fast approaching. Although it may be a monster disappointment to some, with Covid cases on the increase, we all need to do our best to keep everyone safe.

Families and young people are being asked to consider fun and safe alternatives to trick or treating, such as family pumpkin hunts, an evening of scary movies or storytelling, dressing up indoors for a spooky dinner, or drawing the scary pictures and putting them in your window.

Things to remember

  • anyone who does decide to trick or treat must make sure that face coverings are worn. Groups should be no larger than six – and any groups of six who may meet indoors must be in the same bubble
  • if you plan to trick or treat with someone from outside of your bubble you must follow the guidance on social distancing
  • if you answer a scary knock on your door on Halloween you must also remember the rules on social distancing
  • anyone taking part must also remember to wash hands regularly, including in between house visits and when returning home

Vulnerable people

Please show consideration for vulnerable residents, who may be particularly anxious at this time and alarmed by visitors.

We have produced a ‘No Trick or Treat’ poster, suitable for putting in a window or porch, for anyone who may prefer not to have visitors on 31 October.

If you have a friend or relative who may not have online access, please print one for them to display.

A supply of posters will also be available at Bexley libraries.

Source: https://www.bexley.gov.uk/news/halloween

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