Shop Watch scheme volunteers needed

Part of NHW is a scheme known as Shop Watch which aims to prevent retail crime impacting on mostly small neighbourhood shops. The scheme has been going for a number of years.  

Not every retail outlet has survived the problems caused by Covid 19. Some have already gone to the wall and others are still doing their utmost to survive.

The loss of these small independent shops impact on us as a community reducing the wide variety of shops we currently enjoy. The problem with small shops is that the difference between failure and survival is often a small profit margin. Every act of shoplifting and theft makes that margin smaller and smaller.

Our hope is to help reduce retail crime by refreshing shop watch – visiting shops and signing them up as members or renewing those who already belong.

A number of committee members will be helping me to make a difference and we are asking some of our coordinators to help as well please.

If anyone is interested in helping out or would like to know more about the Shop Watch scheme please email our committee member on

Thanking you for your help in making the difference.

Find out more about Shop Watch and other Watches you can join in Bexley.

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