Appeal for CCTV footage

This was received from a North Cray Resident:-

I am sorry to report that a car (white BMW) was stolen from inside the field on the corner of Parsonage Lane/Cocksure Lane at 5.30pm yesterday evening (Thursday 17 September). The owner was tending her horses further down the field when a thief/thieves entered the field, stole the vehicle, drove out of the gate and away via Cocksure Lane and Bunkers Hill. The car owner’s personal possessions were inside, i.e. handbag, credit cards, phones, keys. We, the residents in Parsonage Lane had been asked if anyone had CCTV that may have picked up this incident or if anyone thinks they may have seen something suspicious. The car’s Reg. No. is WX16 VZW. Obviously there are car thieves patrolling the area looking for opportunities so this is to warn our members to be vigilant and not leave their cars unlocked on their drives or parked in the road. We have, this morning, been advised that some of the owner’s belongings (bag, phones etc) have been located in Bunkers Hill where the thieves had thrown them out of the window, presumably in case they could be tracked, but they have kept the house keys. So could residents of Cocksure Lane and Bunkers Hill please check any CCTV footage they might have around 5.30pm yesterday evening.

We have since heard that the car has been traced, abandoned in the Orpington area with false number plates, no doubt to be picked up later. Fortunately, the car has a black box tracker fitted which enabled it to be found quickly. Obviously the police are looking into this theft.

If anyone has any information or CCTV footage of the incident, please contact Bexley Watch on the blog’s Contact Us page.

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